Hand Namya Noodles 200g


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In Western style cuisine, pasta is created from flour milled from durum wheat. However, in the East, where a tropical climate gives rise to rich and saturated soils, the source of flour – and countless other food products – lies in their staple grain: rice. As such, nations such as Thailand predominantly use rice flour to prepare noodles (pasta).

With rice having been an incredibly abundant food source in Thailand for much of its history, many different kinds of rice noodles have come about, with their shapes, thicknesses and textures having been specifically crafted to suit particular dishes. Just one such kind is Khanom Jeen; a moist and flavoursome Thai noodle variety that is, unlike others, prepared freshly everyday, rather than dried.

The delicious Khanom Jeen noodles feature in a variety of Thai dishes including Naam Ya: a fish Curry made with coconut milk and various pungent ingredients such as ginger, garlic and kaffir lime; Naam Prig: a bean Curry consisting of peanuts, coconut milk, palm sugar and spices and Naam Ngiew: a tomato based Pork Curry made with ground pork, spareribs and bean curd. Khanom Jeen can be paired with just about any variety of vegetables and/or meats, soups or simply prepared and eaten with a sauce.