Mae Sri Kaeng Som Curry 400g


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Kang Som is a famous soup in Thailand. It can served for dinner, lunch or even as late night snack. The dish is well known in Thailand for its spicy, sour flavor as well as its orange appearance in soups.

Thai curry dishes contain coconut or peanuts. Sour curry paste doesn’t contain either of those common ingredients. Instead, it contains various other ingredients and is most commonly used in Thai soups. Kang in Thai means spicy curry, whereas som means orange. The dish, sour curry paste is most often used to make an orange spicy sour soup.

Foreigners would most likely describe Kang Som as orange curry soup. This soup contains many vegetables and is usually served with shrimp or fish. The vegetables used are carrots, Chinese cabbage and long green beans. Catfish or any white fish can also be used. The sour curry paste contains red chillis, red shallots, fish or shrimp paste and tamarind juice. The tamarind juice is what gives the paste and soup its sour flavor. The red chillis gives the soup a spicy taste. This dish is commonly served with rice and an omelet.