Mama Kimchi Noodles 90g

Noodles are synonymous with Asian soup cuisine and throughout the countries within this region a person will find unique preparations and flavors specific to those areas. Instant Noodle (Kimchi Flavor) (90g) by Mama is a prime example of an Asian flavor that is uniquely region specific.
The fermented cabbage dish Kimchi boasts spicy red pepper and garlic flavors and is widely eaten as a staple in its native Korea. Blending this sharp and pungent taste with traditional Korean style Udon noodles, a person will soon become addicted to this easy to prepare hearty snack. Udon ramyeon noodles are thicker than ordinary noodles found outside Korea and are produced from high-quality wheat as opposed to rice. These noodles are soft and tender with a mild flavor and when mixed with the hot Kimchi broth is ideal for a quick hearty snack.