Mangosteen 250g


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Mangosteen, or Mang Kut to give it its full Thai name, is considered one of the Thai exotic fruits.

The fruit is a dark red colour and quite tough, whilst inside the milky flesh once uncovered, can be easily scooped out with a spoon and eaten. The flesh itself will be separated into 4 to 8 individual sections, depending upon the size of the Mangosteen and the area it was grown in. The flesh is very sweet, and it is a perfect snack fruit, tasty and refreshing.

Nutrition wise, the Mangosteen is often termed a “superfruit” due to its exceptionally high nutritional value, coupled with a very high antioxidant value. 

Overall, the Mangosteen is something of an intriguing fruit, defiantly something that is entirely unique, and should be sampled by everybody who visits South East Asia, as one of its idiosyncratic fruits, not widely available elsewhere.