Mogu Mogu Melon Flavour 320ml


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Drinking fruit juice alone is healthy enough but if you add nata de coco in the picture, it doubles the benefits. Nata de coco, for those who do not know, is a chewy, gel-like food product that is sourced from coconut and is known for its high fiber, low fat and zero cholesterol content. It’s a quick sweet fix and very inexpensive too. So imagine drinking a 320 ml. bottle of Mogu Mogu that’s loaded with nata de coco bits… and I do mean loaded since you get a good mouthful of it in one sip… it’s like giving yourself an apple a day. The generous amount of nata de coco bits doubles as a snack so one bottle can easily fill you up.  Also, what’s good about Mogu Mogu is that the nata de coco bits do not affect the taste of the fruit juice; if anything, it somewhat makes it better. And for its price, it’s a healthy option to all the sodas and green tea drinks out there that have caffeine.