MS Gaeng Tai Pla Curry Paste 100g

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Curry is not only a mouth watering, delicious food, it is renowned for its health benefits. Some healthy foods can be time consuming and difficult to make but gaeng tai pla is easy to use and utilised to make a delicious healthy meal in about five minutes.

gaeng tai pla consists of red chilli, shrimp paste, onion, garlic, galanga, lemongrass, and kaffir lime peel. The type of garlic used is called galanga. In the Thai language galanga means ginger. Garlic lowers your cholesterol while ginger helps to digest food and helps blood circulate around the body. Red chilli peppers are linked to suppressing cancer cells and have some cancer fighting properties.

gaeng tai pla Curry Paste has a very unique rich flavor. This type of curry is used in Thai restaurants throughout the world. Most often, it is stir fried with various vegetables and meat. The majority of the time beef, chicken or pork is used. After the meat has cooked, the curry is added and mixed with water and vegetables. This entire process takes about five minutes and afterwards you and your family can enjoy an authentic curry dish.