Super Q Pancit Canton Noodles 227g


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Pancit Canton is a Filipino stir-fried noodles made from wheat-flour egg noodles. Such noodle is also known as flour sticks.  It is usually cooked with shrimp, chicken (or pork) and vegetables. The usual seasoning is soy sauce and calamansi is also squeezed on it before eating.

It is a popular dish during birthdays as the long strands of noodles symbolize longevity. But this is only "true" if the noodles are uncut.

Filipino pancit canton is very similar to Chinese Lo Mein. Same noodles, same prep, and even the seasoning. Well, from the name itself you can guess where this dish originally came from. Pancit was brought to the Philippines by the Chinese merchants long before the Spanish came.

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