Taro (Arbi) per Kg


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When it comes to fulfilling our nutritional requirement, we really don't need to look far for foods that fulfil it. Dig into the deep well of the Indian subcontinent and you'll find everything you need to stack up your pantry with foods full of nutrition. There are some foods that we have been eating all our lives but they somehow slid into oblivion. Arbi (or taro root) not just brings good taste but also a world of health benefits to the plate. Yet, it remains devoid of the recognition it truly deserves. Arbi is a starchy root vegetable that has a brown-coloured fibrous exterior and a white flesh inside. 

Both the leaves and root/tuber/corm of arbi are used for cooking. It carries a unique mix of a deep nutty and a mild sweet taste. The vegetable is usually turned into a savoury dish but it can also be used to create sweet dishes. Its soft, creamy flesh makes for a luscious meal. More than its great taste, arbi should be included in the diet for its innumerable healthy benefits.