UP Rice Paper 22cm


Spring roll wrappers (also known as rice paper, spring roll skin, edible rice paper, summer roll wrappers) are used in both Vietnamese and Thai cuisine for preparing fresh or fried spring rolls.

Rice Paper consists of edible ultra thin sheets of paper rolled out from a mixture of water, rice and tapioca flour and salt to taste. Traditionally used in Vietnamese cooking, rice paper constitutes the wrap in that culinary delight we all know and love: the spring role! On a more historical note, rice paper has actually been used for many centuries as paper for scripture and art by people from both China and Japan. So while you may know your rice best as a delicious base of steaming white starch that goes marvellously with your spicy curry or saucy stir fry, rice actually has many surprisingly industrial as well as delicious uses, such as for making rice milk, vinegar, flour and even wine!